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  1. Di-Iodo -Methane

    Diiodomethane is a colorless organoiodine compound which is used in the determination of mineral density. It also find its application in determining the refractive index of gemstones as an optical contact liquid. With the chemical formula CH2I2 and molecular weight 267.84 g/mol, it decomposes when exposed to light liberating iodine. This chemical can be prepared by reducing iodoform in the presence of sodium arsenite or elemental phosphorous.
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  2. 2-Chloro-5-Iodo-Benzoic Acid

    2-Chloro 5 Iodobenzoic Acid is white to light yellow colored crystalline powder with the chemical formula C7H4ClIO2. It has a molecular mass of 282.46 g/mol and melting point of 157 to 161 degree Celsius. This acid is capable of donating 1 and accepting 2 hydrogen bonds during chemical reaction. It is used as an intermediate in the preparation of various reagents utilized in laboratories, research centers, and medical colleges.
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